Following The Wheat Belly Diet

The Wheat Belly Diet was created by Dr. William Davis after he noticed significant improvement of the health of his patients that had decided to try living without consuming wheat products. Not only were they generally healthier, but they lost unwanted weight very quickly. He found that by making the wheat free diet a lifestyle it led to significant health outcomes that were important to share with others.

As stated above, by living a life free from wheat you will be essentially changing your lifestyle. At first it can be very difficult to make this transition as there is wheat in many products that you wouldn’t even consider they would be in, that is until you begin to read the labels of foods before you buy them. Wheat can be found in sauces, gravies, seasonings and more.

If you know anyone that has gone gluten-free then you are fully aware of how challenging it can be to live this way, but you have also seen the results that can come from removing wheat from your diet. When it comes to this specific diet it is pointed out that it is not only the gluten that is potentially bad for you, but that there are a number of aspects of wheat that can be leading to health issues. One of them being that it is high in carbohydrates, which break down to sugar, causing many people to suffer from sugar issues that affect the body in many different ways.

This option is less focused on sticking to a certain diet plan than most diets that you hear about. In this case it is actually more about eliminating certain harmful foods and beginning a journey to a higher level of overall health. This can include eliminating other foods that may be leading to health issues for you, such as dairy.

It is also important to not that you are not required or expected to completely eliminate grains from your diet. Everything contained in the information provided by this doctor is about finding what works for you. For example, you might want to just significantly decrease your intake of grains. Some choose to retain it as a treat to have once a week, others find that having one serving a day works fine for them. The key really is finding the sweet spot the meets your needs and health goals.

This plan is primarily about taking control over your health. If you find that removing wheat from your diet works for you, then you have met that goal. The same is true for anything else that may be harming your health. It’s not about restricting yourself, but making healthy choices simply to receive more healthy outcomes.

The Wheat Belly Diet is not like most diets. You do not have a plan created for you or specific meal options. Instead you are making the decision to reduce or eliminate wheat, which could be a source of health issues for you as it is for many others.

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