Is the 1000 Cal Diet the Right Choice for You?

Although there are many principles to weight loss that can help you to drop some pounds, there is one principle that cannot be overlooked. I’m talking about calories, and it is perhaps one of the easiest things for dieters to understand. Rather than getting caught up in the minutia of low carb, high carb, low-fat, fasting and other diets, it is really just a matter of simple math. The best part about it is, it is supported by science and many people who have been on the 1000 calorie diet plan have seen great success.

There are plenty of low-calorie diets and provided they keep you below the threshold of what you are burning on a daily basis, you are going to lose weight. The real key is, determining how many calories you need to sustain your current weight and then calculating how much you eat on a daily basis. These factors can also be juggled to a certain extent. For example, adding some exercise will burn additional calories and this will increase how much weight you lose, even if you don’t reduce your intake calories even further.

There is a certain level of daily calories that is considered to be healthy, although that level is up for debate. 1200 calories seem to be the ceiling for women and anything less than 1200 calories per day is considered a very low-calorie diet (VLCD). Depending on which expert you are listening to at the moment, a VLCD may be the greatest thing you ever did in your life or it could absolutely ruin your future weight loss efforts. There is actually some truth to both, and you can use that knowledge to your advantage.

The principles of the 1000 calorie diet plan are very easy to understand. You will eat the food and drink the beverages necessary to add up to 1000 calories every day. You won’t be under 1000 calories, nor will you be over 1000 calories. At that level, you are going to be losing a significant amount of weight and you may even lose up to 3.5 pounds every week of body fat. That can really add up at the end of the month!

One of the supposed issues with the 1000 calorie diet plan is that it can have a negative effect on your metabolism. That may not be as true as many so-called experts expect you to believe. A study was conducted in which women were put on an 800 calorie diet. Half of the women did no exercise and the other half did weight-bearing exercises. Both groups lost weight but the group that did weight-bearing exercises lost more weight and did not reduce their metabolism. In fact, they actually increased their metabolism.

Is the 1000 calorie diet plan right for you? If you are able to stick with it and you do what is necessary to keep your metabolism running at optimum levels, it can help you to lose weight quickly and efficiently.

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